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Sex Coach Training

Download my informational flier to learn more about the specialized training you need to start integrating sex coaching into your practice NOW!

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Pelvic Health Sex Coaching Intensive

Dr. Finn is very knowledgeable about sexual topics and is comfortable talking about the
different situations we as pelvic PTs may face. It helps us to take the fear out of what we do
as PTs and “normalize” the types of sexual “dysfunctions” that patients may come in with.
I was excited to learn about the sexuality counseling side of things and how we can help
a patient best communicate their situation and vulnerability in a safe place.
This sex coaching intensive also helped me understand how to be open minded around
cultural differences relative to sexuality without conveying judgement and keeping the conversation global and open! I would highly recommend Dr. Finn’s Intensive! 

— Dr. Laura Purificato

I attended Dr. Finn’s Integrating Sex Coaching Intensive for Pelvic Health Physical Therapists, and I would highly recommend it to any of my colleagues who want to feel more
confident and comfortable talking with their patients about sex and intimacy. 
I know that talking about sex is very important in my work and that everyone will
have different thoughts and insecurities about it, including myself!

Since attending Dr. Finn’s training, I’ve been more comfortable gaining my patient’s confidence in discussions about sex and intimacy and the challenges they are having
in the bedroom due to pelvic health concerns. 

I would highly recommend this training with Dr. Finn. It’s a great experience and
will enhance your relationship with your patients

— Dr. Dee

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